“Honest, open and real talks all guys should hear”. Join me as I share the untold experiences of other men and myself.

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“Honest, open and real talks all guys should hear”.

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About sdnty

Overwhelmed with choices yet not having a clue what they all mean. Being told you have so much opportunities but feeling like you have no purpose, while struggling with ambivalence and a warped sense of value.

This was me in my early to late teens, this soup of emotions and uncertainty without vision or someone to give guidance on the path ahead that many have already travelled.

“Make sure you get your education”, “study hard and you will get a good job”, “learn a trade” “get something under your belt just in case”. All these statements were said with good intentions, but they didn’t help me connect the dots in anyway.

I was left with thoughts like how does square root and pie help me with my future? Are we just born to go to school, do exams, work for someone and die? How does my talent or interest turn into a career? What really happens in between leaving school and having my dream job? And how do I even discover what it is I want to do with my life?

These were the types of questions that played through my head which I could not verbalise or communicate at the time and were subsequently never answered, and that’s without even touching on relationships and manhood.

Stuff Dad Never Told You (SDNTY) seeks to answer some of these questions by giving men the platform and opportunity to openly share their life experience in education, carriers, relationships and manhood.


Bradley Wright
SDNTY founder & host